THE RUINS again… talisay city, philippines

here are some details about THE RUINS which can be found in Talisay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. (taken from the brochure)

the structure of THE RUINS is of Italianate architecture with neo-romanesque columns, having a very close semblance to the facade of carnegie hall in new york city. in new england, they often were homes to ships captains. a belvedere, facing west, affords a beautiful view of the sunset in a glassed-in sunroom with bay windows.

the mansion was built in the early 1900’s by the sugar baron, don mariano ledesma lacson and was home to his unmarried children with his first wife, maria braga lacson, a portuguese from macau. the mansion was the largest residential structure ever built at that time and had in it one of the finest furnitures, chinawares, and decorative items, as the father of maria braga was a captain of a ship that sailed across europe and asia and would cart with him these items. one of their daughters maintained a beautiful garden of lillies in and around the 4-tiered fountain fronting the mansion, all brough in from abroad.

one of the sons supervised the construction of the mansion making certain that the A-grade mixture of concrete and its pouring was precisely followed.

the mansion met its sad fate in the early part of world war II when the USAFFE (united states armed forces in the far east), then guerilla fighters in the philippines, burn the mansion to prevent the japanese forces from utilizing it as their headquarters. it took days of inferno to bring down the roof and the 2-inch wooden floors.

to this day, the 903 square meter structure still stands tall amidst sugar plantations and continues to awe both local and foreign tourists.

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49 thoughts on “THE RUINS again… talisay city, philippines

  1. mare, kahit samahan ka ng mumu? baka magpakita si maria braga sayo. hehehe! seriously, ganda nga nyan, mare. pasyal kayo dyan. astig pa ang katabing tubuhan nyan. may sensor ang driveway kahit na rough road naman. :)

  2. they said that when the american guerrillas burned it down, the family couldn’t do anything but just cry in so much dismay. they weren’t even allowed to save some of the furnitures or belongings. :(

  3. oohhhhh!! my!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gulay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….nangilabot naman ako sa ganda!!…
    dyan mo balak magpakasal sis??hehe…dyan mo na din ganapin yung reception ha!..imbitahan mo ako ha isabit ko na din yung bestfriend kong si lalaine…ang ganda tlga ng place..dyan ba nag propose sau si boyfren?? romantic!!!.=)

    sensya kung late ako nkarating sa iyong mansion..may tinangal na naman kasi akong alien na ipin e..=)

  4. dinaclare ko sis kay boypren na dyan… no reconsiderations. period. LOL! si boypren araw araw nagpopropose so parang di ko alam kung yan ba ay totoo o nagloloko lang. LOL!

    sige… padalhan ko kayo invitation ni mareng lalaine… pero syempre, lahat ng planong yan ay nakasulat pa lang sa hangin.

  5. nakupo…. tara! samahan kita magpalista dun. ganda nga magpasakal dyan. kung may banda ka pwede ka rin magconcert dyan.

    sabihin mo na kay gerlpren dyan na lang kayo magpasakal.

  6. hi! it’s only just these past few months that they started to promote this place. even the people here in our province were not aware that this place exist until recently. :)

  7. Hi! You have really beautiful pictures of The Ruins here. I especially like the first one and the last one.

    I am so glad they decided to open The Ruins to the public. Didn’t find out about it until I saw it on local TV. Was surprised to find out that the owner was a childdood friend. :)

  8. thanks! isn’t the place so great? my jaw dropped when i first saw it. who could have thought you can find it in the middle of a sugarcane plantation? LOL! hope that your childhood friend would be able to maintain it.

  9. hi ifoundme,

    great photos. we were in bacolod city last may 17 and 18 and our tour guide took us to the ruins. we had no idea what the ruins were at that time. now, i’m already planning my trip back there!

    thanks for sharing the photos!

  10. yup, its really beautiful i was here 3 or more years ago brought by a friend from silay and a relative of the owner (or may be he is the owner). I’ll come back soon and enjoy it more. BL

    you should come back. i think the coffee shop there is operating now…

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  12. hey,

    i’d like to ask permission from you to use your pics for my blog. would that be ok?

    i’m going to credit it to you anyway. but then of course, if you won’t allow it, i would pull it out.


    it’s fine with me but can you please give me a link to your blog? that way we can share information whatsoever..

  13. I am going to go see the place. It’s awesome. I’m sure it is going to be a wonderful feeling experiencing the atmosphere of such a beautiful landmark.

  14. dumaan ako dito… i grew up in bacolod.. and im very familiar with this place. ill be back there when i return to bacolod this masskara festival!

  15. i happened drop by that place twice before…malapit ksi sa place was horrible then,parang haunted ksi but now…super gandalicious,im planning to bring my kids there one of these days…

    you are from here man? dal-a imo kids ah.. it’s nicer now

  16. yup!!! hir lng kmi sa Bata..I never learned ganyan na kaganda ngayon,til i saw some pics sa internet…promiz punta tlaga kmi jan..

    oo, kadto to ah… nami kaayo!

  17. from bata in ganda na pla nang place ngayun…hmmmm..does anyone knows how book the place for a reception?…excited nko umuwi nxt yr..woooot!!!

    pasalamatan ko gid kung may makashare about this..:)

    ooooohhhhhhh….. does that mean you are getting married? if yes, congratulations!! You can always call them and schedule and negotiate. the last time i talked with one of the great, great grandson, he said nga P100 per person kuno sila magsukot for the rental of the space. I’ll ask again and keep you posted. I’ll email you. Is that good enough?

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  19. i am so interested in this place. can anybody tell me its exact address? how far is it from talisay city public market? is it far from the main road? how far is it from bacolod city? is this open to the public? is there like a public transportation that go there, a jeepney or something? is there an entrance fee, if so, how much? is there a nearby restaurant that we can buy food in case we get hungry? how long can we stay? do i need to make prior reservations before going there? Thanks!

    I don’t know exactly how far it is from the talisay public market but I can tell you that there are two ways to go there if you are coming from bacolod. You can pass by bata and follow the direction from the corner where you turn to go to rose lawn memorial park. they have directions pointing to the way going to ruins. another way is you turn on the street located before honda. just go straight and you’ll find the ruins at your left. the problem with taking this route is you’ll be going through a very rough road.

    if you will be taking the public transportation, you can take the jeepney going to bata and again go down at the corner where you can see a very big billboard of the ruin’s ad. you can take a tricycle from there. just tell them that you want to go to the ruins.

    yes, there’s an entrance fee. the last time i went there, they charged 25 pesos per person. you don’t have to go anywhere for food because there is a cafe inside. you can have lunch, snacks or dinner there. i think they close at around 8:30pm

    Ruins should pay me for this. LOL!

  20. been at the ruins last saturday (sept.05/2009)
    the place is truly amazing…
    i am so excited sharing my experience to my friend/s upon my return in Manila ><

  21. been at the ruins last Saturday, Sept. 05/2009
    the place is truly amazing…
    i am so excited to share my experience how lovely the place is upon my retun in Manila ><

  22. umm, what if makadto ka lang didto for sight-seeing, will you have to pay for the entrance?
    my friends and I are planning to go and visit because the place is too picturesque. Sayang naman kung hindi kami makakapagpictorial dun :)

  23. wow! really? thannks you gid!
    Will definitely go there one of these days.
    I really apprecaiate your prompt reply ^^
    You’re quite serious about blogging :D
    *thumbs up*

  24. this is the best ruins I’d ever see mapapa awwwwww ka talaga sa ganda ng mansion i wish makakbalik ako dyan

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